Tribe Variant by Peilian Ye

Peilian Ye Designs The Tribe Variant Womens Wear Collection

Peilian Ye, the author of the displayed design Womens Wear Collection by Peilian Ye demonstrates, Tribe variant is a women’s wear graduated collection which contained 7 outfits in total. The inspiration of this project is a juxtaposition which main <Cropped>

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Office by Jingyi Cai

Jingyi Cai Designs The Twin Horse Design Company Office

Jingyi CAI, the author of the award winning work Twin Horse Design Company - Office by Jingyi CAI spells out, This design scheme through in-depth understanding between black and white space and space balance, breaking the deconstruction of space plan <Cropped>

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National Palace Museum Award-The 8th National Treasure Merchandise Design Competition

National Palace Museum Awardobjective The National Palace Museum (npm) Has Organized a Series of Design Competitions, Campus Seminars, Representations and Award Ceremonies to Promote The Cultural and Creative Industry, Pass Down a Wealth of Chinese Cultu

National palace museum awardObjective the national palace museum (npm) has organized a series of design competitions, campus seminars, representations and award ceremonies to promote the cultural and creative industry, pass down a wealth of chinese <Cropped>

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Dylan Falecki-Vertical Furniture #45696

At Design Interviews

Interview with Dylan Falecki : Frank Scott: What are your future plans for this award winning design?. Dylan Falecki : The primary goal for the future is to export the idea whether we make the furniture here in Australia or we license the concept <Cropped>

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Yacht by Mark Norton Menéndez

Mark Norton Menéndez Illustrates The P1-R Prototype Yacht

Mark Norton Menéndez, the maker of the awarded design Mark Norton Menéndez's P1-R Prototype Yacht explains, Automotive concepts coupled with offshore racing, combining the need for aerodynamics and aesthetics inspired this project in which for <Cropped>

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Pub by Devesh Pratyay

Devesh Pratyay Shows The Adda Pub

Devesh Pratyay, the author of the highlighted work Award Winning Adda pub says, Adda, in hindi means a place to gather and hang out. A unique place to hang out and be together is offered here. With two sprawling terraces and an enclosed space, that t <Cropped>

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Annual Report by Intorno Design

Intorno Design Designs The Rufa Annual Report 2016 Annual Report

Intorno Design, the author of the highlighted project Annual Report by Intorno Design demonstrates, The 2016 Report is characterized by the use of an expressive typography, the combination of photography and magenta thread artistic submissions, the f <Cropped>

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Single House by Teruo Miyahara and Naoko Taniguchi

Teruo Miyahara and Naoko Taniguchi Creates The House Im Box Shaped Flexible Residence Single House

Teruo Miyahara and Naoko Taniguchi, the designer of the displayed project Single house by Teruo Miyahara and Naoko Taniguchi spells out, The client wanted a house had a gallery space and the flexibility that would enable him to accommodate diverse ch <Cropped>

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Residence C.a. by Wei Lun Wang and Chia Ying Li

Wei Lun Wang and Chia Ying Li Shows The Residence C.a. Residence

Wei Lun Wang and Chia Ying Li, the lead designer of the award winning project Award Winning Residence C.A. Residence illustrates, The space transforms from the original vessel that carries life to imagination that can change life. We hope to shorten <Cropped>

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Recycling Bin by Jon Walker and Paul Timmer

Jon Walker and Paul Timmer Discloses The Dwiss Recycling Bin

Jon Walker and Paul Timmer, the architect of the award winning project Award Winning DWISS Recycling bin demonstrates, To support the Circular Economy the dwiss has a sustainable design and promotes recycling by making it quick and easy. It is made <Cropped>

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