Laundry Belt Indoor by Tomohiro Horibe

Tomohiro Horibe Shows The Brooklyn Laundreel Laundry Belt Indoor

Tomohiro Horibe, the designer of the awarded project Laundry belt indoor by Tomohiro Horibe spells out, This is laundry belt for interior use. Compact body that is smaller than Japanese paperback looks like tape measure, smooth finish with no screw <Cropped>

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Award Winning Square and Circle Interior Design

Hsin-Yuan Lee Reveals The Square and Circle Interior Design

Hsin-Yuan Lee, the lead designer of the highlighted project Interior Design by Hsin-Yuan Lee spells out, Situated on the street corner, the stylish building, for residential property sales, demonstrates intriguing characteristics of the indoor space <Cropped>

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Duplex Residential by Willis Pember

Willis Pember Creates The Ur2 Duplex Residential

Willis Pember, the thinktank behind the awarded work Award Winning Ur2 duplex residential spells out, Architecture is situational. Better buildings have been able to extend their topographical reach, or be oriented beyond themselves. The Ur2 House in <Cropped>

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Falmec Life Inspired

Falmec and Desall Invite You to Design New Product Solutionsnew Product Design Contest On Falmec and Desall Invite You to Design New Product Solutions. For More Info: Https:// Contest Timeline Upload Phase: 11th Apr

Falmec and desall invite you to design new product solutionsNew product design contest on falmec and desall invite you to design new product solutions. for more info: contest timeline upload phase: 11t <Cropped>

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Al Dana Tower by Mz Architects

Mz Architects Shares The Al Dana Tower Office Tower

MZ Architects, the creator of the highlighted project Al Dana Tower by MZ Architects says, The Al Dana Tower is a ground-breaking structure with a breathtaking spherical conference room, in the shape of a Gulf Pearl, anchored at only two points and s <Cropped>

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Dimdim by Lisse Van Cauwenberge

Lisse Van Cauwenberge Designs The Dimdim Cradle, Rocking Chairs

Lisse Van Cauwenberge, the thinktank behind the displayed project Dimdim by Lisse Van Cauwenberge illustrates, Lisse Van Cauwenberge created this one of a kind multi-functional solution that serves as a rocking chair and also as cradle when two Dimdi <Cropped>

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Stool by Lefteris Tsampikakis

Lefteris Tsampikakis Illustrates The Illusive Stool

Lefteris Tsampikakis, the maker of the displayed project Lefteris Tsampikakis's Illusive Stool says, The illusive stool is inspired from the illustrations of atoms structure showing the orbits of the electrons around the nucleus. A combinatio <Cropped>

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Helena Amante's Eleh Designer Series Shoe Packaging

Helena Amante Illustrates The Eleh Designer Series Shoe Packaging

Helena Amante, the creative mind behind the awarded project Award Winning Eleh Designer Series Shoe Packaging says, Eleh Designer Series is composed of timeless collections limited to a hundred pairs per year of each colour, each exploring a distinc <Cropped>

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Lamp and Shelf. :shelflamp by Giorgi Maghradze

Giorgi Maghradze Reveals The Shelflamp Lamp and Shelf

Giorgi Maghradze, the maker of the displayed work ShelfLamp - Lamp and shelf. by Giorgi Maghradze spells out, Multifunctional Shelflamp can be used as a floor or table based or as a wall lighting. If used as a shelf there may be placed various inter <Cropped>

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Myequilibria-Outdoor Gym by Vito Di Bari

Vito Di Bari Reveals The Myequilibria Outdoor Gym

Vito Di Bari, the maker of the award winning work Outdoor Gym by Vito Di Bari explains, Created by Metalco Active, the beautiful design of MyEquilibria outdoor gyms blend into outdoor environments. A 7m tall ‘Fitness Tree’, is a concept that brin <Cropped>

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